Royal Canin Cat Sensitive Digestion

Royal Canin Cat Sensitive Digestion



  • Undigested protein is fermented by bacteria once it reaches the colon, leading to softer stool and increased stool odour.
  • Three distinct kibble shapes are combined with exclusive aromas to appeal to a cat with a finicky appetite due to a sensitive digestive system.



Promotes Intestinal Flora Balance
Cats are prone to digestive sensitivities, which can lead to an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract. This can have a negative impact on stool quality and odour. Special 33 is formulated with prebiotic fibres, including FOS(1), which help to feed the beneficial bacteria in the colon and promote improved digestive health.
Highly Palatable
A cat selects its food based on smell, kibble texture and the feeling it gets after consuming the food. Special 33 has three distinct kibble shapes and exclusive aromas to help to stimulate the appetite of even the fussiest of cats. This highly palatable formula ensures a cat receives all the nutrients required for optimal health.

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