Orijen Freeze Dried Cat Treats – Six Fish

Orijen Freeze Dried Cat Treats – Six Fish


Size : 1.25oz

Made with 100% raw fish ingredients.

Made with 100% fish ingredients, our Biologically Appropriate treats are rich with protein. We all love showering our cat with affection and treats, and this healthy, wholesome reward means you can feel good about treating your cat. Featuring just one calorie per treat, you can enjoy the experience of rewarding your cherished companion.


ORIJEN Original freeze-dried treats are gently freeze-dried, retaining all of the natural goodness of our quality ingredients without the addition of synthetic preservatives.

Raw whole herring (25%), raw flounder (21%), raw whole rock sole (18%), raw whole rockfish (17%), raw whole mackerel (15%), raw hake (3.9%).

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Grain Free, Dehydrated Raw Food




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