Karnivor dog food – Horsemeat with grains – 12lbs

Karnivor dog food – Horsemeat with grains – 12lbs


Regular, 12 lbs.

Serve this delicious meal after an intense run in the forest! Your dog burnt off lots of energy and needs to replenish his strength. Made with lean protein and a small amount of perfectly cooked grains for extra calories and optimal bowel movements, this formula has a high nutritional value. What better way to maintain your dog’s health!

The 12-lb. format is pre-portioned in ½-lb. medallions to facilitate feeding time for dogs of all sizes.

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Horse meat, Chicken neck, Beef heart, Beef liver, Cranberry, Organic oatmeal, Alfalfa, Organic hulled barley, Dried apple pulp, Brewer’s yeast, Dehydrated ground carrot, Spinach, Fish oil, Dehydrated ground red beet, Sea salt, Kelp, Probiotic (bacilli and lactobacilli sp.), Hemp, Choline chloride (vitamin B complex), Iron proteinate, Zinc proteinate, Flaxseed, Parsley, Dehydrated ground Jerusalem artichoke, Vitamin E supplement, Manganese proteinate, Selenium and amino acid chelate.






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