Boreal Functional Puppy Small & Medium Breed

Boreal Functional Puppy Small & Medium Breed


At Boréal we strive to make the best food for every dog and cat. We source every possible ingredient from Canadian farms and fisheries.  Boréal Functional Small & Medium Breed Puppy is a high meat, low carb, grain free food; with a focus on low glycemic ingredients to help keep your pet healthy.

  • We use high quality fresh, deboned chicken as the first ingredient – Chicken is a source of naturally occurring glucosamine, an amino acid which supports joints and bones. As well chicken is a protein dense meat and is easily digested.
  • Boréal Functional Small & Medium Puppy is designed to help your puppy grow at a healthy pace:

o   Protein and Fat % aimed at small and medium breed puppies to keep them actively growing

o   Added Omega-3 fatty acids with extra EPA and DHA to help with puppy brain development

o   Balanced Calcium/Phosphorus ratio to maintain healthy mineral levels

o   Special organic mineral package for muscle development and immune support. These minerals help puppy vaccines be more effective.

  • Boréal Functional Small & Medium Puppy is built around low glycemic index foods – which take longer for your pet to digest compared to foods with potato, white rice, corn or soy.

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