Boreal for Dog Traditionnal Blend – Chicken

Boreal for Dog Traditionnal Blend – Chicken


At Boréal we strive to make the best food for every dog and cat. We source every possible ingredient from Canadian farms and fisheries.  Boréal Traditional Blend Chicken Meal Formula is a food with low glycemic index oats and barley added as ‘good grains’.  We centre around low glycemic foods; to help keep your pet healthy.

  •  We use high quality chicken meal as the first ingredient – chicken is a source of naturally occurring glucosamine, an amino acid which supports joints and bones. As well chicken is a protein dense meat and is easily digested.
  •  Boréal Traditional Blend is built around low glycemic index foods – with goal of keeping your pet feeling full longer compared to foods with potato, white rice, corn or soy.
  •  Boréal Traditional Blend is grain inclusive food using oats and barley and is gluten free – we use no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.
  • This is an everyday diet which can be used to help keep weight off your dog.

Additional information

Life stage

Chien Adulte, Adult Dog

Breed Size

Grande Race, Petite Race, Toute Race, All Breed, Small Breed, Medium Breed, Large Breed




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